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Praise for Proven
in the Trenches

Praise for Proven in the Trenches

For over a decade I have watched Ron Carson lead an incredible business and live a life to the fullest. He has taken his 37 years of experience as one of the world’s top financial advisors and written an inspiring manual for success. Proven in the Trenches is a guide to be a better leader, build a stronger business, and live a more rewarding life.

— Mark Moses, Founding Partner, CEO Coaching International

More than just a forward-thinking analysis of our industry’s rapid, relentless evolution, Proven in the Trenches arms financial advisors with concrete, battle-tested strategies for turning complex challenges into successes and transforming the value they bring to clients. No advisor should traverse the new financial services’ landscape without it.

—Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Services

Ron has been an innovator for decades and deeply understands the future of wealth management. Proven in the Trenches is a fantastic guide for advisors seeking greater levels of success.

— John Furey, Managing Partner, Advisor Growth Strategies

Ron Carson is a leader among financial advisors, and his latest book is yet another example of why. The changing needs and concerns of the American investor drive the most important advancements in our profession; this book is designed to help you always be their trusted source for financial advice.

— Adam Antoniades, CEO of Cetera Advisor Group

The facts are indisputable. Ron gets it. He has built an advisory business from the ground up into a high-growth, client-focused machine. He worries about the future and builds to it. ‘Proven in the Trenches’ once again sends the right message with updates that are contemporary to today and tomorrow’s environment.

— Steve Lockshin, Principal, AdvicePeriod

If anyone knows about building a successful business, it is Ron Carson. The latest edition of “Proven in the Trenches” showcases Ron’s insight into what it takes to succeed, couples it with the ever evolving financial advice landscape and communicates that out so advisor’s, of any size or experience level, can employ the best practices he shares, immediately. A must read for anyone wanting more!

— Suzanne Siracuse, CEO and Founder of Suzanne Siracuse Consulting

The first orientation of every great advisor is toward how they deliver for their clients day in and day out. That’s the hallmark of every successful business. But in this book, Ron reminds advisors that to sustain their success for clients, they also have to build a successful business — and equips them with some great principles to build great advisory firms.

— Aaron Klein, Co-Founder and CEO at Riskalyze

In this fresh update of a revered classic in advisory business, Ron Carson provides invaluable strategy and sound actionable ideas for refining one’s practice in ‘Proven in the Trenches.’ It is a must-read for those who believe, as we do, that the business will be dominated by fewer, better, forward-thinking advisors who are delivering greater value for their clients. Bravo.

— Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth and Asset Management at Barron’s Group

Discover the 11 Principles to Grow From Advisor to CEO

The face of financial services has evolved – and, along with it, the very nature of financial advice.

Of course, to make this evolutionary leap, advisors require a proven, time-tested strategy. A methodology established by one of the most successful advisors in the country and backed by decades of real-world application among thousands of advisors across the country.

In Proven in the Trenches: 11 Principles to Maximize Advisor Value and Transform Your Firm’s Future, advisors will receive an actionable game plan touching on the core dimensions of a highly-functioning financial services firm.

A follow-up to 2012’s Tested in the Trenches: A 9-Step Plan for Success as a New-Era Advisor, Ron Carson divulges his proven strategies for building a successful wealth management firm in this new book.

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Proven In The Trenches


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